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Plasma Fibroblast Skin Tightening & Resurfacing

Turn back the hands of time!

Plasma skin tightening is a non-surgical procedure that can tighten your skin, giving you a younger-looking appearance. We use Plasma on a subdermal level to lift, tighten, and rejuvenate skin on the face, neck, and body, giving you natural-looking results without the pain and downtime associated with “traditional” surgical procedures.


What Is It Used To Treat?

  • Eyelid reconstruction, including baggy lower eyelids and excess upper eyelid skin
  • Skin imperfections and benign lesions, including skin tags and sunspots
  • Improvement in the appearance of scarring, including post-surgery scars, acne scars
  • Diminishing Stretch marks
  • Tightening loose stomach skin after pregnancy
  • Lines and wrinkles around the mouth, face and other areas of the body
  • Facelift and necklift

How Long Does It Last?

The effects should last as long as they would with invasive surgery. The results can last you years depending on the area treated. The positive effects of treatment will be noticeable immediately after the first treatment, but the best results will be seen after 8 weeks.

Will I See Immediate Results?

You will more than likely see immediate results from the procedure. Sometimes redness and swelling can occur which can distort the results. You will notice more firmness and tightening of the treated areas as the skin continues to heal and produce more collagen (sometimes even 3-6 months down the line!).

How Does It Work?

The hand-piece produces a tiny plasma flash which leaps from tip to the skin in a micro-millimetre sized point. A series of tiny spots are strategically placed to attain the desired result for the excess skin. The skin around the spot tightens pulling the cells closer together. It’s the only non surgical treatment to successfully reduce the excess skin instantly. There is no damage to surrounding areas or deeper skin layers. Patients can resume regular activities right away with minimal discomfort.

What Should I Expect During The Treatment?

A topical numbing cream will be applied to the treatment area prior to procedure. Immediately after the treatment the skin will be reddened and slightly swollen. This will usually last up to 3 days, although slight redness may remain for up to 2-3 weeks. Please note upper eyelids will have swelling for approx 3-4 days so please bear this in mind when planning your treatment. During the procedure carbon crusts will form on the skin directly where the tool was applied. Crusts should not be touched for 5-10 days. To minimize complications you will be informed on proper aftercare following the procedure.

Is There Any Downtime?

It completely depends on the client and the area treated and the natural rate of recovery. It is normal for sensitive areas such as eyelids to become swollen and we would recommend not applying makeup, which to some people may mean downtime. Some areas weep slightly after treatment; this is simply plasma and is quite natural. As the spots begin to heal they naturally turn into crusts and flake off.

What Is The Aftercare?

Immediately after treatment, there may be a burning sensation. This will usually resolve during the remainder of the day although if it is particularly uncomfortable or persists for a longer period, then an anti-inflammatory medication such as ibuprofen can be taken.

Following treatment, it is normal to have some swelling. This can be significant around the eyes and can last for several days and may lead to interference with vision in the initial period. Cold compresses may be applied to reduce the swelling. If the swelling is more severe, an anti-inflammatory medication and/or anti-histamine may help alleviate the swelling.

Crusting will usually develop over the treated area, this will often initially be brown or black on the surface of the skin and flake off over the following days. It is essential to not pick at this crusting as this may lead to infection or scarring. Occasionally the treated area may become a little weepy, this is part of the normal healing process and will improve with time.

Carbon crusts CANNOT be scratched or removed. Drying skin by dabbing with a clean, lint-free cloth is allowed.

Sports, swimming and sauna are not permitted until crusts fall off. SPF 50 must be used on the treated area for a minimum 30 days after treatment.

Can I Use Makeup After The Procedure?

The treated skin area will be covered with carbon crusts which form during the treatment. They should not be rubbed off therefore it is necessary to avoid any moisturizing creams for 5-10 days. It is recommended you avoid any makeup on the treated area for at least 2 weeks to let the skin breathe and heal. In addition, patients need to avoid all direct heat sources such as sun, UV radiation, saunas etc for the period of at least 4 weeks.

Are The Effects Of Treatment Visible Right Away?

Most patients should notice the effect of the procedure right away. However, the healing will continue and the full result should be visible for up to 8 weeks. In some cases patients may need more than one treatment. This depends on the treatment area and skin condition as well as the patient’s expectations.

Is It Safe?

Yes, it is. This product meets high safety, health and environmental protection requirements.

How Many Treatments Are Required?

The number of treatments required will vary according to the condition being treated, skin’s laxity, the desired degree of correction and the individual’s response to the treatment. Appointments must be spaced out 6-8 weeks.

Side Effects And Risks

Plasma Skin Tightening has been shown to be a safe treatment due to its non-invasive nature. Still the majority of clients are likely to experience some minor side effects in the 7-10 days following treatment.

There will be some tiny brown marks that have the appearance of minor scabbing, which are carbon crusts, but in 5-7 days these will flake away, revealing new pink skin beneath. Some swelling will be seen (especially in cases of eyelid treatment), but it is likely to only last 3-5 days at most. To avoid any more serious side effects such as hyperpigmentation, follow the aftercare recommendations given to you by your technician.


  • Clients should be in good health at the time of the appointment, with no preexisting health conditions. If the client displays signs of cold or flu the treatment should be rescheduled.
  • Clients’ skin should not be inflamed in the area we are treating prior to the procedure.
  • Clients prone to keloid scars are not ideal candidates.
  • Clients with diabetes, healing disorders or lymphatic draining issues should not undergo treatment.
  • Clients with a sunburn/suntan should postpone treatment.
  • Clients who have a history of Hyperpigmentation are not ideal candidates.
  • The area to be treated should not have undergone any previous medical treatment or cosmetic laser treatment. (not including botox)
  • Clients must not display any tanning at the time of the treatment.
  • Clients must not display Herpes Simplex Virus (Cold sores/Fever blisters). You will need to reschedule your appointment if you are experiencing an outbreak. If you have experienced Herpes Simplex Virus (Cold sores/Fever blisters) in the past you must see your Medical Doctor and obtain a prescription for Valtrex and begin taking it 3 days before treatment and for 4 days following treatment. (This applies for treatments surrounding the lip area only)
  • Not for clients with pacemakers.
  • Not for clients who are pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • Clients with Eyelash extensions receiving upper or lower eyelid treatment must have lashes removed prior to treatment and reapplied after 8 weeks.
  • This treatment is only recommended on light-medium skin tones . Anyone with a darker complexion is at risk for Hyperpigmentation.

Pricing varies depending on area

For an exact quote text photos of the area, include first/last name, email address and we will call you for a consultation. For questions call/text our clinics at 828-506-4020! Pricing & scheduling is available through our online booking links.

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